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The electronic document is intended to be used in both electronic form and/or as printed output, but the real power is to make it “actionable in workflow” and integrated with your existing applications and communications systems in a secure fashion. Often times BPR (Business Process Redesign), a review of security and policy, and data cleansing are prerequisites for the distribution of electronic documents in an Organization, especially for “sensitive-data industries” like Finance or Health Care. Before using 1DMS we had to deal with the problem of multiple incompatible file formats. Problems were associated with complex file formats of various versions of MS Word, spreadsheets and graphics software. We liked that we didn’t have to deal with the distributed “free file viewers” for all of the proprietary file formats. Standardized, non-proprietary formats using 1DMS solved these issues for our Organization.

Art Alexander

Large Financial Client in NJ

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure” is at the heart of what we did with the 1Assess product.  The tool helped us understand what we were getting (and not getting) with our current IT spend.  The instrument captures Functional (user) and Technical (IT) quality against the overall spend.  We were able to see infrastructure issues like “server sprawl” that influenced our secure cloud strategy.  Our project pipeline changed as we developed sunsetting strategies for applications that were no longer addressing the current business needs.  We developed a “future state of systems” that became our roadmap for the next 18 months.  This was a real opportunity to perform some much needed strategic planning to align IT resources with new business demands.

Tilak Reddy

CIO, Large Insurance Company, CT